3D Solid Modelling & Visualisation


3D CAD provides an accurate representation of a product that can be used to generate both traditional 2D line drawings for manufacture and graphic images for presentation purposes. This allows prototypes to be developed more easily and for marketing documents to be produced ahead of availability of the physical product.

Digital Content

We can build a virtual prototype of your design or product and then use this to generate both manufacturing drawings and photorealistic images for use in documents and brochures or on your website. Often, providing your customer with an image at the proposal stage can be a lot more persuasive than line drawings, a lot easier to understand and can avoid problems with misinterpretation. Composite images can be made by superimposing 3D CAD data over your photographs to illustrate the product in-situ. We can also produce data sheets and associated graphics in various formats for both print and screen.

Fan Bracket
Heart Monitor
Morse Key
Sample Box
Shower Mixer
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