2D & 3D CAD


We act as ‘The Drawing Office’ for our customers who don’t have their own facility, and provide extra capacity for those who require help with peaks in their workload. We use AutoCAD® software maintained on subscription to ensure the highest levels of compatibility. Drawings can be produced using your company standard on your own drawing sheet. Drawing sheets can be produced with your company logo and details to suit your business. These can then be used for all of your future projects.


3D CAD provides an accurate representation of a product that can be used to generate both traditional 2D line drawings for manufacture and graphic images for presentation purposes. This allows prototypes to be developed more easily and for marketing documents to be produced ahead of availability of the physical product. We use Autodesk Inventor® as our main tool with other software as required.
36 Litre Press courtesy of Vigo Presses Limited
Morse Key
Bungalow Plan 1
Bungalow Plan 2
Office Layout
Racking Layout
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